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Expert Search Engine Optimisation has fast become a professional industry. The Internet and it's importance to business is now an absolute priority. Addressing the individual needs of businesses who are serious about their website exposure and harnessing the Internets economic potential is now at the forefront of modern business strategies and planning. SEO-DIY is no longer a realistic option for companies who are serious about their Internet presence and search engine positioning. SEO has now become a ‘must have’ technical, professional service.


At Insight Multimedia, we offer a full extensive ‘round trip’ professional SEO service. Our focused search engine optimisation services are both effective and measurable! If you can’t measure something – you can’t manage it. At Insight Multimedia we can manage, measure, improve and comprehensively report on your websites success.


Statistics now show that over 70% of online purchases & business leads are as a direct result of search engine use.



No SEO programme can work effectively without a quality link-building strategy and this can take a considerable amount of time to get ‘just right’. Our Search Engine Optimisation approach is a very thorough one, and has been devised from a very meticulous study of online patterns, consumer needs and Search Engine listing strategies.

Our Professional SEO Services Includes:

  • Meta Tags Creation
  • XML Sitemap Submission
  • Robots.txt
  • Content Optimization
  • Top Search Engine Listing in Google, Yahoo, MSN.
  • Directory Listing / Trade website listing
  • Press Release Branding
  • Article Branding
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging and XML Submission
  • Forum and Group Posting
  • Commenting
  • One Way Link Building
  • Adwords Integration
  • Classified Submission
  • B2B Submission
  • Google Analytics Report Analysis and suggestion.
  • Ranking & Work Progress Reporting

  • Line of attack:

    Our SEO services is based primarily on the twin principles of strategic judgment and thorough planning. We believe this is the only way to ‘get out of the crowd and reach our customers goals’...


    The internet and it's use is moving at an extremely fast pace... always evolving. We are constantly evaluating and adapting new and effective strategic solutions to insure we keep ahead of SEO techniques and Search Engine protocol.





    We have always believed in the saying “the proof is in the pudding”. The accomplishment of our customers goals and the effectiveness of how we implement our strategies to achieve those goals, is paramount. Our performance and the ability to show the effectiveness of our work, is how we are judged. 

    Clients Patients & Expectations:

    We are always sensitive to the fact that customers new to SEO are often anxious and impatient in their expectations of getting their expected listing. But we explain, that... expert ‘White Hat’ (Orthodox) SEO campaigns, take time to estabalish and maintain correctly. Clients implementing serious sustainable SEO sould not be expected to see notable results from ‘White Hat’ (Orthodox) SEO until after a minimum of two months... but the wait is worth every minute.

    For more information about our search engine optimisation services and marketing strategie advice please call 021 - 4328060 or email


    If you are unsure of what exactly you need to get your business up and running on the internet simply give us a call and we can guide you as to the best possible options for you and your business. We are here to help...

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